I teach knitting, crochet and other DIY projects, mainly to beginners but all are welcome. I typically teach small groups of adults, but can also do private lessons or larger groups and team-building events (in person or online via Zoom). Contact me if you’re interested in a class. 

Class schedule 

Shibori indigo dye OUTDOOR class 
Saturday, July 31 from 10 a.m.-noon
hosted by Marine Mills Folk School in Marine on St. Croix, MN
Cost: $65, includes materials (1 scarf and 2 tea towels)

More Shibori classes are coming in the fall!

***If you are in the Twin Cities (or drivable to them) and interested in a private Shibori indigo dye class where I bring all the supplies to you, feel free to get in touch. I have openings for groups large and small. 

Crochet rope basket ONLINE workshop
Sunday, September 12  from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Pacific time via Zoom
hosted by Jenny Lemons in San Francisco, CA
Cost: $35 for class only, $100 with supply kit sent to you


none at the moment!

Classes I offer

Shibori indigo dye
Learn a variety of Shibori folding techniques to create beautiful patterns when your textiles are dipped in indigo dye. Offered primarily in summer when it can be done outside. 
Giant knit blanket
Make a gorgeous throw blanket using merino wool roving (wool fiber before it’s spun into yarn). You will learn a “table knitting” technique that doesn’t require knitting needles, plus tips and tricks for working with this giant yarn.
Crochet rope basket
In this introduction to crochet, students use their fingers rather than a crochet hook to stitch around a wood base, then build the sides with a different stitch. Optional leather handles finish the basket. Available with cotton rope or felted wool rope. 
Beeswax food wraps
Choose from a variety of colorful fabrics and coat them with a layer of melted beeswax to create eco-friendly reusable food wraps.
beeswax wrap
Cozy wool wreath
Using wool roving and your fingers instead of a crochet hook, you will crochet around a metal ring to create a beautiful holiday wreath. Hang it from a piece of ribbon, or embellish it with your own decorations. 
Knit pouf pillow
In this beginning knitting class, you will learn to knit in the round with soft wool yarn. Once you finish the cover, you will make a stuffing bag and stuff your pouf with soft filling to make a cushy pillow. 
Candle making
Learn how to make your own container candles using slow-burning soy wax and your choice of wick. Add fragrance oils and colors to create your own designer candles.