Easy knit coasters

These adorable rope coasters work up in no time. You make the stitches with your fingers, so you don't even need knitting needles! This is a great project for kids as well. One hank of macrame cord will make 4 coasters. 

rope coasters


• 50 feet of 6 mm macrame cord (I used Cora's cotton craft cord)

• Scissors

• Clear tape


Start by leaving a tail about 6 inches long and make a slip knot. A slip knot is an adjustable knot - there are many ways to make one, but I wrap the yarn around my palm until it crosses over and then and I push up a loop of yarn behind my hand. Then you can let your hand slip out and tighten the knot. 

slip knot

slip knot done

Since you don't have knitting needles, you need to make a chain of loops for the base of the coaster. Coming from behind, pull the cord through the loop to create a new loop. It should be about the same size - big enough to fit 2 fingers through it. That is your first chain (see below). 

first chain

Making sure you don't tighten the previous chain into a knot, pull another loop through that one. You are going to make a total of 4 chains, plus you will have an extra loop sticking out. 

four chains

Now you're going to take the extra loop sticking out to the right, and stand it up. Make sure it's flat and not twisted. This is now the first loop of your new row. 

second row loop

Now you're going to move left to the next chain. (If you're not sure where to go, look at where the first loop is coming out and go one left of that). Coming from behind, you will pull a new loop through just the top of the chain. Try to match the size to the first loop. 

second loop

Now you will do this two more times for a total of four loops. Sometimes, the first chain gets a little squished by the time you reach it. So you might need to stretch your chain out a little bit to see them more clearly. 

four loops

Now things get a little big easier. You will just be putting loops into other loops. Coming from behind and starting from the left most loop, pull a new loop through that one. Just make sure you are matching the size as best you can. 

third row starting

Continue across the row, pulling loops through the rest of the loops. 

third row done

Now you have two full rows of knit stitches. Make two more rows, for a total of four.

four rows

Now you are going to bind off your stitches. You start knitting as if it's a normal row and make your first two loops. Now you will take the second loop you made and thread it through the center of the first loop. That binds it off. 

binding off

bound off stitch

Now move to the next stitch and knit one. Thread this loop through the previous loop. Now you have two stitches bound off and you should start to see an edge forming. Continue down the row until you have one loop left. 

bound off row

Now you just have to do the finishing. You can cut off the yarn with about 6 inches left. Wrap a little clear tape around the end so it doesn't fray. Then thread this tail through the last loop and tighten it into a knot. 

tape end

Now turn your coaster over to the other side. You'll notice the stitches are more bumpy. This is a good place to hide your yarn tails. Just lift up some of the stitches (I like to go in a line down the side) and tuck the yarn tail underneath. 

weaving tails

If you end up with too much extra yarn, you can cut it off and just tape the end again. Repeat this weaving in process with the other tail. 

Another option would be to just cut off the tails next to the knots at the beginning and end of your work. Then you could put a dab of hot glue or fabric glue on the knot to keep it from unraveling. 

A full set of 4 coasters would make a great gift for a friend! 

finished coaster

pinterest coaster