Crochet color block blanket

I made this blanket years ago, and even though the yarn has been discontinued, I still think it’s a great project that you can make with any worsted weight yarn that comes in 8 colors. Use the color block sequence to help you decide how many rows of each color to do. 

Here is the original post:

I had a bunch of leftover yarn from a secret project, so I got to thinking it would make an adorable blanket with blocks of bright colors.

The final version was just about big enough to cover my 4’x6′ rug.

Since I was using my leftovers, but also had to buy some new yarn, my blanket isn’t exactly perfect. But I’m pretty sure, putting this into a pattern, that you can make it with two skeins each of these:

Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe (55 percent bamboo, 45 percent wool) – Periwinkle (A), Geranium (B), Snapdragon (C), Mermaid (D), Twilight (E), Lipstick (F), Beach Glass (G), Mercury (H)
*I’m sorry to say that this yarn has been discontinued, but you can use the pattern to create a stripe sequence with any worsted weight yarn that comes in 8 colors. 

You need a J/10 size crochet hook.

Ch 152. DC across for a total of 150 stitches. (Here’s a refresher on double crochet.)

The stripe sequence:

8 rows A
4 rows B
2 rows C
7 rows D
4 rows E
2 rows F
7 rows G
3 rows H
5 rows C
4 rows B
5 rows F
Repeat once.

(In between I added 8 rows E plus 4 rows H, but that is optional).

I love the colors and the soft, fuzzy texture of this yarn. It’s just a happy blanket.